Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology

(Note that this conference was previously known as ICOPE.)

July 12-16, 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia.



Would you like to learn innovative teaching techniques and course content updates from an international perspective? The conference is designed for teachers of psychology in all educational settings, including high schools, undergraduate colleges, and graduate programs. Participants will explore new ideas to enhance and broaden their teaching skills. The Conference will provide an atmosphere that supports individual involvement and group interaction. Presentation formats will be diverse and provide many opportunities for informal exchange, networking, and professional development.


Themes of the Conference

The following general and specific topics will be included in the program:

General Topics

  1. The system of psychology teaching (curriculum and method) in every country
  2. Teaching psychology: goals, outcomes, curriculum, and methods
  3. The best practices in all educational settings
  4. Continuing education in psychology
  5. Teaching of psychology for professionals in different fields of practice

Experience with Basic (Core) Courses

  1. Introductory psychology
  2. Research methods and statistics
  3. Experimental psychology
  4. Biological psychology
  5. Cognitive psychology
  6. Developmental psychology
  7. Personality and individual differences
  8. Abnormal psychology
  9. Social psychology
  10. Cross-cultural psychology
  11. History and systems of psychology

Experience with Advanced Courses

  1. Clinical psychology
  2. Health psychology
  3. Counseling psychology
  4. Industrial and organizational psychology
  5. Human factors
  6. Psychology in business and economics
  7. Human relations
  8. Community psychology
  9. Educational and school psychology
  10. Forensic psychology
  11. Sport psychology
  12. Gender and sexuality
  13. Innovations in curriculum 

Experience Across the Curriculum

  1. The best methods of classroom instruction
  2. Classroom demonstrations and activities
  3. Service learning and internships in psychology
  4. Research-based methods of teaching psychology
  5. The scholarship of teaching and learning
  6. Distance teaching and learning: Internet, on-line, and digital cables

This is not an exhaustive list of topics for the Conference. Almost any topic concerning the teaching of psychology can be included, and the program will be modified depending on participants’ contributions and interests.


Call for submissions:

Abstracts are being accepted for the Third International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (ICTP-2008) to be held July 12-16, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Conference web site: http://www.ictp-2008.spb.ru/


Cultural Program

Excursions, sightseeing, and performances in St. Petersburg

As was true for the First Conference in St. Petersburg, special social and cultural programs will be included throughout the conference. These activities will be designed to familiarize participants with Russian culture and to encourage networking.


The official language of the conference is English, although concurrent sessions in Russian or other languages may be included by special arrangement with the organizers.


Sponsors of the Conference

St. Petersburg Psychological Society

St. Petersburg State University

Leningrad State University


More information about this conference is available at:




Victor Karandashev, Ph.D.,

Professor, Chair of the Conference