Psychology Without Borders (PWOB) is an international organization that
facilitates intervention, research, education, policy development and
community building in areas impacted by terror or disaster, with the
overarching goals of alleviating psychological suffering and enhancing
knowledge that can benefit future survivors of terror or disaster.
Psychology Without Borders is seeking proposals for projects that will
substantially contribute to this mission.

Psychology Without Borders supports activities in the following 5 Key
Areas: 1. Research to contribute to the body of knowledge about what
works and what does not work to heal people affected by trauma,
disaster, or terror; 2.Education programs to raise awareness about the
psycho-social impacts of disaster, and build community competencies in
best practice methods of preparedness and intervention; 3. Public policy
to assist in community preparation, response and recovery due to
disaster; 4.Partnerships with response teams in communities impacted by
large-scale trauma; and 5.Building a network to facilitate international
knowledge sharing and systems for disaster response.

Projects of $5,000 – $10,000 (USD) will be funded with an expected
project duration of one year (beginning January 2008). So that more
projects may be funded, preference will be given to projects with
smaller budgets that focus on a specific population or intervention (if

We seek research and action-oriented projects that help further
knowledge and resources in the 5 Key Areas. Projects will be evaluated
on the basis of how they contribute to the organization’s mission;
preference will be given to projects that work across the 5 Key Areas
and projects that are international in scope. We strongly encourage
proposed projects to include at least some element of both research and
action components.

Applicants must be affiliated with a university or non-profit
organization. PWOB encourages applications from international
organizations or individuals who represent diversity.

Application information and details are available for download at . Application should be received
by Friday, September 14th either electronically to or by
mail to Psychology Without Borders, 1000 Rio Grande, Austin, TX, USA 78701.

For more information, go to or
contact .

Psychology Without Borders
1000 Rio Grande
Austin, TX, 78701
Telephone: 1 512 236 1150
Facsimilie: 1 512 477 0025

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