COJEP International Congress for Youth from Eastern Europe, April 18 – 21, 2007, Nevsehir, Kapadokia, Turkey

The Congress will bring together young people from Eastern countries who are strongly involved in NGOs dealing with youth issues. It aims at stimulating debates on the situation of young people in Eastern Europe (in terms of employment, intercultural relations, etc.), raising the question of enlargement of the EU and its new frontiers, thinking about cooperation and exchange possibilities between the youth networks of these countries and making local and international authorities aware of the necessity to introduce innovative youth policies.

The Congress will be composed of different parts, combining conferences given by speakers coming from international organisations, universities and NGOs, workshops, cultural events and visits, in order to give the participants the opportunity to obtain new information, to take part in the debates and to discover a new culture.

COJEP International is an NGO working for the emergence of a European youth respectful of diversity and committed to democratic values. Through its action towards youth in Eastern Europe, COJEP International tries to reinforce the integration of these countries -and citizens- in the EU, in order to create a multicultural and peaceful Europe. For this event, COJEP International decided to cooperate with the Association of Local Democracy Agencies, an international NGO founded at the initiative of the Council of Europe. ALDA is one of the main European stakeholders working both on local democracy issues, through its Local Democracy Agencies in the Balkans and in the South Caucasus, and on European active citizenship issues. In this context, ALDA always paid attention to youth issues, the role of young people in the democratic process and their integration in the economic, political, cultural and social life. A good example of ALDA projects combining youth, democracy and citize! nship issues is the project ‘Cities for Peace and Democracy in Europe’ in 2006 – beginning 2007.

More information: (Tuncay Cakmak)