Dear Colleagues!
Just in time for the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) in Berlin (July 21-25), we are releasing an important book entitled Ethics for European Psychologists that may be of considerable interest to your members, and to readers of your newsletters and other publications. The authors, Geoff Lindsay (UK), Casper Koene (Belgium), Haldor Øvreeidem (Norway)and Fredi Lang (Germany), write in their preface:
“The development of a book on ethics for European psychologists is a unique venture….This book was developed out of the work of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) Standing Committee on Ethics (SCE)….This book provides the first comprehensive attempt to examine ethical practice, its basis and execution from the experience of European psychologists and within the context of the culturally rich and varied countries of Europe. It is practice oriented, making it a useful resource for psychologists, whether applied practitioners or researchers.”
The authors are also holding a Symposium at the ICP in Berlin (at 16:45 hours on Friday, 25 July) based on the book.
For further details about the book, please check out our website at Or of course join the authors for their seminar in Berlin.
Finally, we would be delighted to send you a free copy of the book for review in your society’s publications immediately on publication. To request a copy, please email the following information to our Book Review Department at
– Your name / title
– Name(s) of the publications in which reviews may appear
– Your affiliation
– Your email address
– Address to which we should send review copy (including street, city, zip/postal code, country
Finally, we would appreciate receiving (electronic or hard) copies of any reviews that may appear in your publications.
Kind regards,
Gitta Bloier
Book Review Department
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers