Special Issue of the European Journal of Social Psychology

The European Journal of Social Psychology invites manuscripts for a
special issue featuring empirical articles on the antecedents, processes,
and consequences of warmth/communion and competence/agency in social
judgment and behavior. This special issue will be edited by Amy Cuddy
(Northwestern University), Andrea Abele (UniversitДt Erlangen-NЭrnberg),
Charles Judd (University of Colorado), and Vincent Yzerbyt (Catholic
University of Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve).

Over half a century of research in psychology reveals that the same two
dimensions underlie most judgments of traits, individuals, groups, and
cultures. Although the definitions and labels may vary, the first dimension
makes reference to attributes such as warmth, communion, and collectivism,
and the second to attributes such as competence, agency, and individualism.
The goal of this special issue is to integrate converging theory and
evidence documenting the centrality of competence/agency and
warmth/communion in social judgment and behavior. We will highlight
empirical research on the social psychological antecedents, processes, and
consequences of perceived warmth/communion and competence/agency from
different perspectives and various domains of social psychology (e.g., the
self, person perception and social judgment, group perception and
stereotyping, culture, etc.). We will also consider research on the
outcomes of warmth/communion and competence/agency judgments in related
areas such as organizational behavior and health psychology.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed following standard journal procedures,
should conform to the publication guidelines of the American Psychological
Association, and should be prepared in accordance with the ⌠Instructions
for Authors■ found online and in published editions of the European Journal
of Social Psychology. To ensure the suitability of the manuscript for the
special issue, authors are encouraged, but not required, to submit an
abstract to Amy Cuddy (a-cuddy@kellogg.northwestern.edu) or Andrea Abele
(abele@phil.uni-erlangen.de) prior to submitting the complete manuscript.
Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form through the online EJSP
submission portal (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ejsp) by September 30,

Please direct questions to:

Amy Cuddy
Email: a-cuddy@kellogg.northwestern.edu

Andrea Abele
Email: abele@phil.uni-erlangen.de