Call for papers

Sponsored by the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association, the JPE understands peace education as education for the achievement of a nonviolent, ecologically sustainable, just and participatory society.

It addresses a wide range of scholars, researchers, activists, policy-makers and practitioners in peace education and is committed to furthering original research on peace education, theory, curriculum and pedagogy. JPE publishes articles which promote discussions on and explore the link between theories, research and practices in peace education in varied educational and cultural settings.

JPE is now seeking well-written manuscripts on a broad range of topics as these relate to the goals of the journal from areas such as education for/about the following:

conflict resolution global issues disarmament environmental care ecological sustainability gender equality anti-racism civic responsibility intercultural understanding human rights cultural diversity social futures educational social movements indigenous peoples

Articles of 5000-9000 words should be sent to the editor: Dr. John Synott, School of Humanities and Human Services, Queensland University of Technology Email:

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