The second international conference on applied psychology organized by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences in the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi aims at identifying the field to which psychology has opened or may open in the future. The inter-disciplinary character of this scientific manifestation allows underlying the impact of psychological research on socio-economic relevant arias: industry, marketing, human resources management, military sciences, juridical sciences, education sciences, etc.

    Some of the workshops in the schedule of the conference (The Development of Psycho-therapeutic Interventions Strategies and Industrial and Organizational Psychology) are explicitly aimed at presenting the results of research projects still unfolding and / or finalized. The intent of the organizers is to suggest the broadening of the capitalization on psychological research results aria in the socio-economic sphere and to underline the general problematic of applied psychology.

    The first applied psychology conference “Exigencies and Standards in Applied Psychology” was held two years ago, with the intent of initiating a series of such scientific manifestations. This line of capitalization and spreading of Romanian research results and of contact with international scientific world is still in the beginning, yet the perspective of a bi-annual conference on applied psychology is contouring.


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Aurel Stan, hairman of the organizational commitee.