Wilhelm Wundt-William James Prize 2007 Winner – Professor Serge Moscovici (France)


The Wilhelm Wundt-William James Prize Selection Committee has the pleasure to announce their decision on the Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award 2007. The prize will be awarded for the third time, and this time to Professor Serge Moscovici during the Opening Ceremony of the 10th European Congress on Psychology on Tuesday July 3, 2007 in Prague (Czech Republic).


The Wilhelm Wundt-William James Prize was donated to EFPA by the American Psychological Foundation APF through a gift from Raymond Fowler, PhD and is intended to recognize psychologists from Europe and/or North America, who have made distinguished contributions to the science and profession of Psychology and to the promotion of effective cooperation between European and North American psychologists.


The criteria for the award were:

– to be a European or North American Psychologist or group of European and/or North American psychologists

– to be recognized internationally as having made a substantial and original contribution to European and American psychology as science or a profession


The Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award Selection Committee considered that Professor Serge Moscovici meets these conditions. The committee estimated that ‘through his research, publications in scholarly journals, presentations at international congresses, and leadership in national and international psychological organizations, Professor Moscovici has made a substantial and enduring contribution to psychology as a science and a profession’.


The Committee thanks all member associations for their nominations.


For the Selection Committee


Tuomo Tikkanen

Chair of the Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award Selection Committee