23rd Congress: the Rorschach Centenary Congress
Geneva, Switzerland (Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva)
July, 2022.

The Rorschach Test will be 100 years old in 2021, and 2022 will mark the death of its creator, Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. To celebrate this important centennial in the history of psychological assessment, the International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods (https://www.internationalrorschachsociety.com/) is organizing a special 23rd Congress: the Rorschach Centenary Congress. The Congress is to be held in Geneva, Switzerland (Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva) in July, 2022.

During the congress, we will be looking back at the history of the past 100 years and looking at how the use of Hermann Rorschach’s widely used test has developed. We will also be looking at how the method is being used at the present time and might be used in the future. In preparation for this event, the Organizing Committee is planning a rich variety of projects.

One of these projects, referred to as the MAP Project, involves creating a map that traces the routes by which the Rorschach was introduced in a country and how it developed until the present day.

To complete this project, all countries are called to participate. This is a collaborative world-wide endeavor which will mark the opening onto the next 100 years.

For information regarding your country to be included in this project and possible subsequent publications, and to help us bring this project to fruition, we would be grateful if you could provide us with information on:

•when the Rorschach came to your country,
•who brought the Rorschach to your country, and
•what institutions taught and currently teach the Rorschach in your country (universities, associations, continuing education organizations…).

Please let us know, in working with us, if there are any people or organizations in your country that could provide us with this information.

A detailed questionnaire will then be sent to them for this purpose.

We thank you in advance for your precious collaboration.

Best regards,

Emiliano Muzio, Ph.D.
MAP Project coordinator
Board Member,
International Society of the Rorschach
and Projective Methods (ISR)


Emiliano Muzio, Ph.D.

Muzio Psychological Services Ltd.,
Terapiatalo Sointu Ltd.,
The Finnish Rorschach Association,
International Society of the Rorschach
and Projective Methods,
Board Member (Member-at-Large)
Italian Institute of Wartegg,
Representative for Finland

c/o Terapiatalo Sointu
Döbelninkatu 2, 8th Floor
00260 Helsinki

Tel: +358 456 7172 83


The 32nd International Congress of  Psychology


Prague 2201 / Czech Republic

PF 2021


We proudly announce confirmed speakers for ICP 2020+. 

Abstract Submission is closing in ONE month.
With no extension.
The deadline is January 18, 2021.


Our mailing address is:


Invitation to
the IX World Congress for Psychotherapy,
June 24-27, 2021 in Moscow, Russia

Dear colleagues!

We kindly invite you to become a part of the IX World Congress for Psychotherapy «The Planet of Psychotherapy», held on June 24-27, 2021 in Moscow, Russia. Pre- and post-congress events will take part all over Russia – from Saint-Petersburg to Altai Mountains and Lake Baikal.

The World Congress of 2020 will be held in the Russian Federation according to the decision of the World Council for Psychotherapy, which kindly entrusted the organization of the largest professional event in the world to the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia and its partners.

In past decades psychotherapy has become a worldwide phenomenon; and we expect to welcome guests from more than one hundred countries, from all continents, from all over the world at the Congress.

The IX World Congress for Psychotherapy is organized as a festival of psychotherapy — PSYFEST. It brings together professional, both scientific and practical, educational and social features of our profession.

To learn more about the IX World Congress for Psychotherapy, please visit en.planetofpsychotherapy.com.

We would be pleased with your attendance and possible cooperation, including media partnership or any other forms of mutual contribution.

Should you have any questions and/or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via oppl.doc@… and international.oppl@….

We look forward to hear from you and are ready to provide you any additional information you might require.

With best regards,
On behalf if the Executive team of the IX World Congress for Psychotherapy,
Sofiya Kamalova,
Scientific program coordinator,
IX World Congress for Psychotherapy
+7 916 062 00 26, +31 6 87 08 19 64


International Congress 2020

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Open to Mental Health Professionals interested in Sandplay, & their Families

  • 13 to 20 September 2020 (inclusive)
  • Family members welcome
  • „Early Reservation Fee“ until 15 March
    • Participant $1295
    • Family Member $1100

Cancellation Policy

Kruger National Park, South Africa

About the Program:

Working with the theme of
„Quest for Meaning: The Relationship to the Self.“

Presentations will be theoretical research into the meaning of our relationship to the Self, illustrated with case material.

In addition, researchers will update us on their studies, progress and results. We encourage all sandplay therapists to share their work.

There will also be 4 Group Case Consultation opportunities with Senior Consultants.

Fees include transportation between Kruger & Johannesburg, accommodation, park fees, congress lectures & all group activities. Flights, other travel arrangements, meals, events outside of scheduled program & pocket money remain the responsibility of the participant.


Покана за участие в EuroPsy (S)NAC Chairs meeting

EFPA EMC 4/2020: Invitation to annual EuroPsy (S)NAC Chairs meeting – Friday, March 13, 2020 in Brussels

Dear Colleagues,

As announced in our ‘Save the dates’ message in December, we would like to invite the Chairs and Contact persons of the NACs and S_NACs Psychotherapy and S_NACs Work and Organisational psychology for the annual EuroPsy meeting with the EAC, S_EAC Psychotherapy and S_EAC W&O members.

This invitation is also addressed to the EFPA member associations that are preparing to set up a EuroPsy National Awarding Committee.

Venue of the meeting

Head Office EFPA – meeting room on 1st floor

Grasmarkt 105/39 – Agora Galerij – B-1000 Brussels – Belgium



Please confirm your presence to the meeting ONLINE by using the link here before February 28, 2020

Agenda and minutes last meeting

The agenda will be sent out soon but your requests or suggestions are welcome, we will include them in the agenda.

Please find attached the minutes of the last meeting that took place on March 15, 2019.


Friday, March 13, 2020: 10:00-16:00 o’clock

This year in the afternoon we will organize:

Workshop 1: EuroPsy for beginners ‘How to install a NAC – step by step’

The workshop will be led by a member of the EAC who will explain the procedure of installing a National Awarding Committee and reply to practical questions.

Workshop 2: Experiences of NACs in dealing with CPD requirements:

  • what activities are recognised as CPD
  • how many hours are required from psychologists seeking certificate renewal
  • collecting information (via online systems or paper)
  • gathering information (every year, 3-year, 5-year or 7-year cycle)
  • do professional bodies centralise this information about their members independent of the EuroPsy and if so how?

Important: This meeting is organised for the chairs of the NACs and SNACs and deals with technical and organisational matters of EuroPsy.

However, if a member association is preparing to set up a EuroPsy NAC or S_NAC Psychotherapy or S_NAC Work and Organisational Psychology, they are most welcome and should also attend the workshop  ‘EuroPsy for beginners ‘How to install a NAC – step by step’ in the afternoon.

Annual (S)NAC Report :

According to the EFPA Regulations on EuroPsy in Article 17 which set out the duties, of the (S)NACs, the (S)NACs have to:

  • prepare an annual report of activities for the European Awarding Committee
  • provide relevant information and participate in the annual meeting of Presidents of the (Specialist) National Awarding Committees

This year’s annual report can be submitted via the following link (see below). You can edit your answers even after the survey has been submitted, by clicking on the same link, however we would encourage you to do this only if necessary (deadline for submitting (S)NAC Annual Report is February 28, 2019).

Templates for the report can be found:

Hotel suggestions:

See below*
Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels,
On behalf of EuroPsy EAC – Chair Rosaleen McElvaney

Ivana Marinovic| Managing Assistant – EuroPsy

European Federation of Psychologists Associations

Grasmarkt 105/39 | B-1000 Brussels |Belgium|www.efpa.eu

Phone : +32 (0)2 5034953 | Fax : +32 (0)2 5033067 | email : ivana.marinovic@efpa.eu

 Hotel suggestions:

*We would also advice to have a look at the websites of the hotels when booking a room or to consult e.g. booking.com – trivago.com etc…
Don’t wait to book your flights!

  1. Alma Hotel: http://www.almahotel.be/en

Itinerary click here

Hotel Alma – Rue des Epéronniers 42-44 Spoormakersstraat – Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

T.: +32 2 502 28 28  – F.: +32 2 502 28 29

  1. NH Hotel Premier Carrefour de l’Europe : http://www.nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-brussels-carrefour-de-l-europe

NH Hotel Premier Carrefour de l’Europe – Rue Marché aux Herbes 110 – 1000 Bruxelles
Tel.: +32 2 504 94 26 – Fax: +32 2 504 95 00

  1. Floris Hotel Arlequin Grand place Brussels : florishotelarlequin.be

Itinerary click here

Floris Hotel Arlequin Grand place Brussels – Rue de la Fourche 17-19 – B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.:  00 32 (0)2 514 16 15  Fax: 00 32 (0)2 514 22 02
Email: arlequin@florishotels.com

  1. Atlas Hotel: http://www.atlas.be

Itinerary : click here

Atlas Hotel – Rue du Vieux Ma


Minutes EuroPsy (S)NAC Chairs Meeting March 15 2019